Roll-off dumpster sizes: Which size best suits your project?

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Which Roll-off Dumpster Size Should You Rent?

There are many different sizes of roll-off dumpster, and different projects work well with each. Knowing what each size is good for, can help you get a good start to your project. Both a dumpster that is too small and a dumpster that is too large can cost you unnecessary time and money


When to rent a dumpster

Whether you are working on a small remodeling project, cleaning out a basement, or working on a large roofing job, a dumpster can save you time and money over taking frequent trips to the landfill.

Available Roll-off Dumpster Sizes

Roll-off dumpsters have variations in size and dimensions, but typical sizes include 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard capacity, with many having lengths of 22 feet, widths of 7.5 – 8 feet, and varying side wall height. Some sizes vary length, as well as features. For example, some 10-yard capacity roll-offs may have a shorter length, but higher side wall. Some have different features, back door operation, or unique designs like the redbox+ roll-off Elite model that has attached portable toilets. Availability and price may vary by location.

Size in Cubic Yards Common Outside Dimensions Average Capacity
10 Yard 16’ x 8’ x 4’ 50 – 70 trash bags or 4 pickup loads
20 Yard 22’ x 8’ x 4’ 110 – 130 trash bags or 8 pickup loads
30 Yard 22’ x 8’ x 5’ 170 – 190 trash bags or 14 pickup loads
40 Yard 22’ x 8’ x 6’ 230 – 250 trash bags or 16 pickup loads

*Actual dimensions may vary based on manufacturer design; estimated capacity is measured in 33-gallon trash bags.

10 Yard Dumpster (16’x 8’ x 4’) Average weight limit is 4,000 – 6,000 pounds Great size for small to medium house cleanout projects, small kitchen, or bathroom remodel, and up to 1,500 sq ft single layer shingles.

20 Yard Dumpster (22’ x 8’ x 4’) Average weight limit of 4,000 – 6,000 pounds This size dumpster is good for medium house cleanout projects, flooring, or carpet removal for a large house, or 2,500 – 3,000 sq ft single layer shingles. sq ft single layer shingles.

30 Yard Dumpster (22’ x 8’ x 5’) Average weight limit of 7,000 – 10,000 pounds This dumpster is an appropriate size for a large home addition project, new home construction debris, or whole home window or siding replacement for a small to medium house.

40 Yard Dumpster (22’ x 8’ x 6’) Average weight limit of 12,000 – 16,000 pounds This dumpster is a good size for window or siding replacement on a large home, commercial building cleanout, new construction of a large house, and large amounts of demolition debris.

How are Roll-off Dumpsters Measured?

The size of a roll-off dumpster is based on the cubic yards of material it can hold. Each dumpster will also have a weight limit which means heavier debris like concrete or shingles cannot fill the dumpster or it will be too heavy to move.


Recommended Roll-off Dumpster Size by Project

Dumpster Size for Landscaping
Commercial landscaping: For commercial landscaping or large yard landscaping, a 20 – 30 yard dumpster will work best.
Personal Landscaping: For smaller yard projects like brush removal or yard clean-up, a 10 or 15 yard dumpster will work.

Dumpster Size for Home Renovation
Roof Replacement: A 20 yard dumpster should work well for roofing projects.
Interior Renovation: A 10 yard dumpster is enough for smaller interior projects. A 20 yard dumpster may be more appropriate for a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Dumpster Size for Construction Projects
Long term project: A 30 or 40 yard roll-off dumpster is good for longer term projects like new construction or house flipping.
Short term project: A 10 or 20 yard dumpster works well for smaller, short term projects.

Dumpster Size for Home Cleanout
10 Yard Dumpster: Good for cleaning out a small room
20 Yard Dumpster: Good for residential or office junk removal
30 Yard Dumpster: Good for moving or downsizing
40 Yard Dumpster: Good for estate cleanout

Dumpster Size for Demolition
30 Yard Dumpster: 1 or 2 room demolition
40 Yard Dumpster: Larger demolition projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill my dumpster multiple times?
We can help you select the best size roll-off dumpster for your project. If your dumpster does need to be emptied or replaced, we can arrange that.

How long can I rent a roll-off dumpster for?
The average rental period for a dumpster is 7 – 14 days, but arrangements for a longer time can be made.

What happens if I over-fill a dumpster?
If you go over the weight limit or fill above the fill line, the dumpster will not be able to be moved and you may incur additional fees.


Roll-off dumpsters come in plenty of sizes for every kind of project. Based on the needs of your project, we can help you select the appropriate size dumpster, saving you time and money.