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At redbox+, it’s our mission to save you time and headaches so you can maintain a clean and efficient job site. When you are searching for a dumpster roll-off rental company and portable toilets for your job site, turn to redbox+ for waste management solutions. One call, two services, and solutions you can trust. When your roll-off is full, simply let us know and we will pick up the unit, clean the portable restroom, and remove it. If your project is continuing, we'll bring a replacement roll-off when we come to remove the full one. Our clean, efficient waste management solutions will help you keep your project rolling.

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the redbox+ concept began as a simple, hand-drawn sketch and evolved into an exclusive us patent. in 2006, redbox+ officially launched and received an overwhelmingly positive response about our patented product. as the proud receiver of the “innovation of the year” award during the 2007 international waste expo, we look forward to assisting you with your waste management needs.


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RB Standard

22 ft standard (no toilet attachment)
roll-off container in 10, 15, 20, 30 and
40 yard capacity.

RB Elite

22 ft combination portable toilet
roll-off container in 20 yard
and 30 yard capacity

Mini Dumpsters

This small roll-off dumpster is the perfect quick clean out dumpster for weekend projects. With its small footprint and ease of delivery, this unit can fit just about anywhere. Low side wall and fully functioning rear load door that opens wide, makes this the perfect roll-off for the weekend project you are working on.

Length Width Sidewall Capacity
10 Yard Mini 10’ 7’ 4’ 3 pickup truck loads

Standard Dumpsters

Our standard dumpster rental continues to provide options for those who are looking to complete small to mid-level size projects. From roofing to small constructions projects, the standard dumpster continues to be the most popular dumpster among both homeowners and construction workers alike.

Length Width Sidewall Capacity
20 Yard Standard 22’ 8’ 4’ 6 pickup truck loads
30 Yard Standard 22’ 8’ 5’ 9 pickup truck loads
40 Yard Standard 22’ 8’ 6’ 12 pickup truck loads

Elite Dumpsters

Elite dumpsters are designed for medium to large residential and commercial projects. These containers are commonly used in house construction, whole house cleanup, and medium sized house window or siding replacement projects.

Length Width Sidewall Capacity
20 Yard Elite 22’ 8’ 4’ 6 pickup truck loads
30 Yard Elite 22’ 8’ 6’ 9 pickup truck loads

Suburban Dumpsters

Designed for small remodeling, renovation and clean out projects. Whether you need a dumpster to get rid of bricks, dirt or concrete, suburban dumpster will be able to help you out. Leave your worries behind with a stress free dumpster rental.

Suburban Standard

Length Width Sidewall Capacity
10 Yard Standard 16’ 8’ 3’ 3 pickup truck loads
15 Yard Standard 16’ 8’ 4’ 4.5 pickup truck loads
20 Yard Standard 16’ 8’ 5’ 6 pickup truck loads

Suburban Elite

Length Width Sidewall Capacity
20 Yard Elite 16’ 8’ 6’ 6 pickup truck loads

What Our Customers Say…

Jodie C.

The last year we stayed home more than ever like everyone else and made us realize we really needed to declutter and just get rid of old clothes, furniture, and the last carpet we had left. We thought just our regular waste bins would do but we were wrong. As soon as we started cleaning out on a Saturday morning with just one room, we realized we needed to call a dumpster service. Redbox plus really came through with one of their smaller ones and they even taught us about what we were allowed to throw away in their dumpster and what wasn’t. All we had to do was call them to pick up the dumpster after we were done and that was it!

Ralf H.

A home roofing contractor we liked disappointed us a bit when he didn’t come prepared with a dumpster for all the waste. We googled for the best local dumpster rental and found Redbox+. The job was going to take all week, so the porta potty combo was probably the most convenient one for us. We called in the morning and the rolloff was here by the afternoon! Really recommended and they even took care of both the waste in the container and the toilet. Awesome service.

Xavier M.

Can’t say enough good things about redbox plus. We were really doubting even going through with our landscaping renovation because we were told we would need to rent a container for several days, but their customer service made it as easy as just telling them when what and where. They answered any questions we had and it ended up making the entire project finish ahead of schedule.

Rebbeca S.

Finally got to do the bathroom remodeling we have been planning for years and our contractor recommended redbox +. We really thought there wasn’t much to a dumpster rental company and that all of them were the same, but recommendations are good so we went with them. I can’t imagine ever even thinking about anyone else again for dumpster rentals! They’re red, clean, and their midsize ones are really appropriate for residential areas. Customer service was great too.

Carol T.

We rented one of their toilet and dumpster combos for the extra room we were building at home. But we forgot who was going to take care of the…waste in the toilets. They didn’t need any reminding from us. They came the same day, cleaned it out with their neat pump and vac system, at no extra charge, and properly disposed of everything. We didn’t have to worry about a thing, only paying them.

Marcos K.

We didn’t have a big budget after a fire damaged our garage and part of our living room and we needed to get to work quickly on repairs. Worrying about all the waste from the fire damage was the last thing on our minds. Redbox + really came through. Affordable, they got here right away and helped us with separating what we could throw into the dumpster and what we couldn’t (you can’t just dump a burned garage door motor anywhere).

How Much to Rent a Dumpster?

Dumpster rental prices vary depending on the contents, size, location, terms of the dumpster rental. At redbox+, we offer simple flat-rate pricing when you rent a dumpster, with long rental periods and better terms than many of our competitors.

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