Dumpster Calculators for Common Project Debris

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Available Debris Weight Calculators

  • Shingle Graphic

    Shingle Weight Calculator

    Roofing jobs always require dumpsters, but some types of shingles are heavier than others. You’ll need to know a few things about the shingles being removed to calculate the approximate weight of the roofing debris going into your dumpster rental in fort worth.

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  • Drywall Graphic

    Drywall Weight Calculator

    Drywall, sheetrock, and plaster are common building materials in most homes and are often removed during renovations. Aside from being bulky, the weight of drywall can also add up fast and varies depending on the thickness of your materials.

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  • Carpet Graphic

    Carpet Weight Calculator

    Carpet is another commonly discarded product during home improvement projects that can be heavier than expected. Of all the common project debris on this page, actual carpet weight is going to vary the most due to the variety of options out there, but even an approximate weight can be helpful.

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  • Stacked Bricks Graphic

    Concrete & Asphalt Weight Calculator

    Common construction debris like concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick, and gravel are some of the heaviest materials to discard. Calculating approximate weight for these is especially helpful because it does not take much to hit a dumpster’s weight limit, so overfilling is easy to do.

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Use the redbox+ Dumpsters weight calculators to help find the right roll-off dumpster rental for your job

Determining what size dumpster you need for construction and demolition projects can be made easier with our common debris weight and size calculators. These calculators will help you find the right dumpster for your specific project based on the average weight of typically discarded materials, including:

  • Roofing Shingles
  • Drywall
  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt

Debris weight + Dumpster weight limits: Why they matter

All roll-off dumpsters have a weight limit, and although your debris may physically fit inside the dumpster you rented, it could end up being extremely heavy and exceeding the dumpster’s weight limit. Shingles, drywall, carpet, concrete, and asphalt are dense materials that quickly add weight, which may require you to only fill a portion of the dumpster. Going over the weight limit may cause you to incur additional charges, so it is important to consider the type and amount of debris you are planning to dispose of when choosing your dumpster size.

How to use the Dumpster Weight Calculators + Debris Weight Estimates

To use the redbox+ Dumpsters calculators, you will need to fill in the fields with the relevant information and click “Calculate.” You will see an estimate of the debris weight in both pounds and tons. You will then use this estimate to help select your roll-off dumpster using our Book Online portal or by calling your local redbox+ Dumpsters team. 

Uncertain about any of the numbers needed to use the calculators? No problem! Simply contact your local redbox+ Dumpsters provider to discuss the details of your project instead. We’ll be glad to provide a free phone consultation to help you determine the right dumpster size.

Disclaimer: Our weight calculators are for estimation purposes only. Actual cost of disposal service may vary depending upon weight and type of waste material. Please contact your local redbox+ Dumpster service provider for a reliable estimate.

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Why Choose redbox+ Dumpsters of Fort Worth

  • Saves Money

    Our two-in-one combo exclusive and U.S. Patented design saves you from having to contact another company to rent an additional portable toilet or dumpster. We have redefined waste solutions to give you the easiest and most affordable option!

  • Exceptional Service

    With one call, we can get you set up for a toilet and dumpster combo, many times within 24 – 48 hours! There are only a few pieces of information needed to get you set up!

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    Convenient Service

    Throughout the duration of your rental, we are more than happy to service your container as often as needed. Give us a quick call and we will be there within 24 – 48 hours to service your project Best part? The portable toilets can be regularly serviced and cleaned without ever leaving the job site. Ultimate convenience.

What Our Customers Say


  • The last year we stayed home more than ever like everyone else and made us realize we really needed to declutter and just get rid of old clothes, furniture, and the last carpet we had left. We thought just our regular waste bins would do but we were wrong. As soon as we started cleaning out on a Saturday morning with just one room, we realized we needed to call a dumpster service. Redbox plus really came through with one of their smaller ones and they even taught us about what we were allowed to throw away in their dumpster and what wasn’t. All we had to do was call them to pick up the dumpster after we were done and that was it!

    – Jodie C.

  • A home roofing contractor we liked disappointed us a bit when he didn’t come prepared with a dumpster for all the waste. We googled for the best dumpster rental and found redbox+ Dumpsters. The job was going to take all week, so the porta potty combo was probably the most convenient one for us. We called in the morning and the rolloff was here by the afternoon! Really recommended and they even took care of both the waste in the container and the toilet. Awesome service.

    – Ralf H.

  • Can’t say enough good things about redbox+ Dumpsters of Fort Worth. We were really doubting even going through with our landscaping renovation because we were told we would need to rent a container for several days, but their customer service made it as easy as just telling them when what and where. They answered any questions we had and it ended up making the entire project finish ahead of schedule.

    – Xavier M.

  • Finally got to do the bathroom remodeling we have been planning for years and our contractor recommended redbox+ Dumpsters of Fort Worth. We really thought there wasn’t much to a dumpster rental company and that all of them were the same, but recommendations are good so we went with them. I can’t imagine ever even thinking about anyone else again for dumpster rentals! They’re red, clean, and their midsize ones are really appropriate for residential areas. Customer service was great too.

    – Rebbeca S.

  • We rented one of their toilet and dumpster combos for the extra room we were building at home. But we forgot who was going to take care of the…waste in the toilets. They didn’t need any reminding from us. They came the same day, cleaned it out with their neat pump and vac system, at no extra charge, and properly disposed of everything. We didn’t have to worry about a thing, only paying them.

    – Carol T.

  • We didn’t have a big budget after a fire damaged our garage and part of our living room and we needed to get to work quickly on repairs. Worrying about all the waste from the fire damage was the last thing on our minds. redbox+ Dumpsters really came through. Affordable, they got here right away and helped us with separating what we could throw into the dumpster and what we couldn’t (you can’t just dump a burned garage door motor anywhere).

    – Marcos K.

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