Landscaping Renovation: What to Know Before You Begin

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Thinking about redoing your yard? You’re not alone. In 2020, household spending on lawn and garden supplies surged by 29%.  A 2018 National Association of Landscaping Professionals survey found Americans spent nearly $48 billion on lawn and garden retail. Some of the most common materials purchased included plants, sod, sprinkler systems, patio furniture, and pavers. Furthermore, research from predicts that the global home and garden pesticides market will reach $10.88 billion by 2028.

Fall is the best time for a major landscaping renovation. Learn why that is and what else you need to know before you begin.

Why Should I Update my Landscape in Fall?

With new blooms and warmer weather, you might think spring would be the best time to get your landscape in tip-top shape, but experts actually point toward fall instead. Temperatures are cooler for you to work in and aren’t as volatile as spring. During springtime, you can have overnight freezes, heavy rains, and unexpected snowfall in some places.

Experts with Angi say planting perennials, shrubs, and trees during the fall allows them to establish a root system without spending energy on growing leaves or blooming flowers. Then, when spring rolls around, they will have a strong root system and can put all their energy towards growing.

You won’t be alone when working on your lawn during the fall. You’ll find many of your neighbors doing the same thing. To save some money, plan a weekend you can all work on your yards. Then, you could save on materials, like a special tool to rent or a dumpster to throw all the yard waste in. redbox+ Dumpsters has a variety of roll-off dumpster sizes to help you with your landscape renovation projects.

Freshen Up Your Landscape on a Budget

You can easily update several features in your yard to make you fall in love with the space again. No need to hire a landscape company; you can work with what you already have. Many of these projects can be done with a quick trip to the hardware store or local lawn and garden shop.

  • Mulch: Laying down a fresh layer of mulch can clean up the look of a garden bed or area around a tree. It’s also used to keep weeds and grass in check and helps retain water for your plants and trees, saving you on your watering bill.
  • Perennials: Buy once, enjoy for years to come. These plants bloom every year. You don’t have to have a green thumb to take care of them. Once established, the right perennials for your area won’t need much upkeep.
  • Edge or expand your patio: Dig out a trench around your existing patio and fill it with mulch or landscaping stones. This area is a great place to add some plants for color. If you’re looking for something with less maintenance, add to the patio with pavers and then stain it all the same color.
  • Native plants: Growing native plants allows you to spend less time and money on nurturing them. These types of plants are naturally compatible with the rainfall and other climate conditions in your area. Use this plant-finder tool from the National Wildlife Federation to choose the best species for your area.
  • Xeriscaping: These are elements that require little to no irrigation. DIY-friendly options include gravel walkways, a dry creek bed with river rocks, or expanding the mulched area of your yard.


What to Include in Your Landscaping Renovation Budget

Once you’ve created your plan for what you want to remodel in your backyard oasis, take a look at your budget. Sublime Garden Design created this list of items to consider for including in a landscape renovation:

  • Demolition and dumping: This can include machines like an excavator to clear the yard, a dumpster to throw waste in, and dump fees.
  • Soil: You’ll have to buy new soil to re-grade the torn-up landscape. If you’re mulching or using landscape stones, include those here, too.
  • Irrigation: If you want to put in a sprinkler system, the time to do it is now, while the yard is torn up.
  • Patios and paths: Pavers, stones, or other materials needed to build or expand your patio or create a walking path.
  • Plants: Visit a nursery and see what thrives in your local environment.


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redbox+ Dumpsters is your reliable neighborhood roll-off dumpster rental company, and we’re here to help your landscaping renovation go smoothly. These projects can become overwhelming quickly; a simple tree removal could turn into a complete overhaul. So, complete the job in one fell swoop using a yard waste dumpster rental. With their fully functioning rear doors, our dumpsters have ground-level entrances, which makes them easily loadable. Additionally, redbox+ Dumpsters has container options where port-a-potties are integrated into the dumpster design, so you can avoid dragging the dirt and debris into your home. To make things even more convenient, you don’t have to worry about making and paying for multiple trips to the dump or waiting weeks for all the yard waste bags to be picked up–we take care of the dumping for you. Contact redbox+ Dumpsters today to get started.