Why have this?


When you can have this.

Redbox+ makes it easy for you to keep your job site clean and efficient.

You will keep the job rolling with redbox+ and the delivery of two services to your site with just one phone call. Redbox+ is the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Whether you are in construction, roofing, landscaping, remodeling or flood and fire restoration redbox+ is perfect for your projects. Green, clean and seen, your customer knows you pay attention when you have a redbox+ on your site. Locally owned and locally operated, redbox+ brings the highest quality of service to your job site.


The redbox+ system is designed uniquely to be a portable toilet and roll-off box combination. This one-of-a-kind system gives your job sites the two critical services you need and lets your customer know that you pay attention to all aspects of the job.


Why pay the same price (or sometimes more) when you can get the convenience and service with just one phone call to your locally owned and operated redbox+.

Reduce the cost of having two deliveries to your job site when you call redbox+.


The redbox+ system gives you two services with one call. No more needing to use two different vendors for your roll-off and portable toilet needs, you don’t make two phone calls, you don’t get two invoices and best of all you keep your crew on site with a service that they need. No more crew running to the gas station, in your company truck, taking time away from the job. Now that you use redbox+ you have added efficiency at your job site.

Giving you a professional image and a competitive advantage

Avoid unpleasant “surprises” on the job site and embarrassing complaints by your clients with our portable restroom-waste container combination. Your customers will have piece of mind with toilets that never tip.

Whether you are a general contractor, home builder, remodeler, or in roofing, siding, landscaping, or flood and fire restoration redbox+ is perfect for your projects.