The Importance of Portable Toilets On The Job Site

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The hustle and bustle of a construction site is undeniable; the hardworking crew, tools, materials – these are all essential for keeping projects on track. Portable toilets should be included in this list of must-haves to ensure everyone has access to sanitation and hygiene facilities at any time. They are just as important as other pieces of equipment needed for success!

It’s incontestable that portable restrooms on a construction site promote both morale and efficiency, two essential elements for the job to progress swiftly. Without access to an on-site bathroom, crews are left with no option but to answer nature’s call away from the premises. For some work sites, it may be as simple of a task to locate a convenience store up the street. However, in remote job areas, it can require extensive travel just to find an available restroom. The consequences? Lower productivity with skyrocketing costs per man-hour of labor and potential liability issues. Bearing all this in mind, renting out portable toilets for construction sites is undoubtedly wise from both financial and legal perspectives!

Before you can decide how many portable toilets are necessary for your construction sites, it’s important to consider how often they need servicing and where the best placement is. To help guide you through this process, here are some helpful tips:

Servicing Portable Toilets

The number of individuals using and the duration of a construction project dictates how often portable toilet servicing is necessary. To ensure hygienic conditions and comply with industry regulations, long-term building jobs will require recurrent service visits. Generally, it’s recommended that toilets are serviced every seven days; however, this could differ based on fluctuations in worker numbers – such as more people present during some weeks than others – along with seasonal weather (more frequent maintenance may be needed when temperatures soar). Usage volume should also be taken into consideration.

Number of People Working on the Project

As a general rule of thumb, one portable toilet per every ten workers is required on every construction site. Should there be more than 20 employees, 1 urinal and 1 toilet seat for every 40 individuals should be provided. On mega projects with a crew of over 200 people present, one restroom facility must encompass at least 50 personnel; when feasible opt-in for an all-in-one unit that contains both the urinal and the commode to handle high volume use efficiently.

Plan for the Layout and Size of the Job Site

For larger worksites, the ideal arrangement is to strategically place toilets in various spots around the site. This ensures they are within easy reach and not just bunched together in one far-reaching area of the working space. By doing so, less time will be needed for crew members who need to step away from their designated lot – saving precious minutes that add up over months or weeks; hence why planning out toilet placement is as important as efficiency itself!

Portable Restrooms on Job Sites are a Good Investment

By providing a restroom at the workplace, you can reduce the time and distance your employees must travel looking for somewhere to use the bathroom when none is available in their vicinity. The annual cost of ten minutes per employee each day spent searching for toilets is staggering:

Hourly Rate 5 Employees 10 Employees

$10.00         $2,125.50      $4,250.00

$13.00         $2,762.50      $5,525.00

$15.00         $3,187.50      $6,375.00

(Formula: Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees x 255 Days Per Year. Referenced through a study conducted by the Portable Sanitation Association International).

It is no surprise that portable toilets have become a necessity when the drawbacks of not having access to one are considered. Whether workers are on a construction site or in an office, breaks and restroom use are essential for any environment – both client satisfaction, as well as employee welfare, rely upon it. As such, maintaining several hygienic portable loos on-site can make all the difference between success and failure!

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