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Redbox+ Elite: Portable Toilet Rental & Dumpster Combo

Our redbox+ Elite portable toilet and dumpster combo continue to be one of the most impressive reasons why we are constantly chosen over our competitors. We are the first to offer a portable toilet and dumpster combo rental. Our efficient, convenient roll-off box and portable toilet combination holds a U.S. Patented design and ensures you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Not only does this help save you time, because of the ease of being able to order a dumpster and toilet from one company, but it also saves you money! Our combination allows you to save money by not needing to rent the units individually.

redbox+ elite - portable toilet and roll-off dumpster rental combo

redbox+ Elite Options

  • 20 Yard Elite - 22' x 8' x 4.5'
  • 30 Yard Elite - 22' x 8' x 6'

Available in All Markets

How Can I Order One For My Construction Site?

With just one simple call, we can deliver you our one-of-a-kind dumpster and toilet solution.


We will need just 3 easy pieces of information to get your rental started:

  1. The size of the dumpster you desire.
  2. Time and date of when you would like us to deliver the unit.
  3. Address and approximate location of where you would like us to drop off your dumpster at your job site.

If you are ready to discover why redbox+ Elite continues to be the world’s best all-in-one solution for construction waste solutions, give us a call at !

Portable Toilet Rental FAQ redbox+ Elite: Portable toilet and roll-off dumpster combo

Will the portable toilets be clean and serviced before they arrive on the job site?

Yes! They will be set up and prepped for use before the driver leaves the job site.

Am I required to have a portable toilet on my job site?

A portable restroom on a construction site is an OSHA standard and considered a best practice. There are many other benefits as well, including employee satisfaction and increased efficiency.

Does a portable restroom on my construction job site cut down on expenses and time?

When you provide a portable restroom directly on the job site, you reduce the distance employees must travel to find a restroom facility because no close restroom has been provided. Thousands of dollars can be wasted due to toilet time. Our redbox+ elite unit continues to find ways of saving you money.

Can the portable restrooms be serviced without redbox+ service truckthe container leaving the job site?

Always! Our trucks all have pumps and vac systems to service restrooms onsite. Whenever a unit is full, give us a call and we will be there within 24 hours to service it properly.

How often should porta-potties be serviced?

As a general rule, we recommend that porta-potties be serviced a minimum of once a week.

How many portable toilets should I rent?

The ANSI standard for the construction industry is one portable toilet per 10 workers per 40-hour week.

If you are interested in learning more about portable restrooms on a job site, click here to visit our blog.

Why Choose redbox+

  • Saves Money – Our two-in-one combo exclusive and U.S. Patented design saves you from having to contact another company to rent an additional portable toilet or dumpster. We have redefined waste solutions to give you the easiest and most affordable option!
  • Exceptional Service – With one call, we can get you set up for a toilet and dumpster combo, many times within 24 hours! There are only a few pieces of information needed to get you set up!
  • Convenient Service – Throughout the duration of your rental, we are more than happy to service your container as often as needed. Give us a quick call and we will be there within 24 hours to service your units. Best part? The portable restrooms can be regularly serviced and cleaned without ever leaving the job site. Ultimate convenience.

Order Your redbox+ Elite today! Call !

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