5 Things That Drive Up Your Dumpster Rental Price

If you’re looking to rent a dumpster but are anxious about the cost, this article is for you. Dumpster rental may look like a cumbersome and expensive task, but with a little effort, you can keep your costs low while still being efficient. Some people believe that their only affordable option is to remove waste themselves. However, doing so comes with extra costs such as gas money for the multiple trips to the landfill which takes up time and causes wear & tear on your vehicle. Renting a dumpster eliminates these worries. With proper planning, you can find the best price and most convenient dumpster rental service in Lakeville tailored specifically to your needs.

How Dumpster Prices are Determined

Before anything else, you should understand how pricing for dumpster rentals works. Several primary factors are accounted for when setting the price, here are the main 5 factors.


A common question we get is how dumpster sizes are measured. It’s usually by volume (unlike some customers’ belief that it’s through length). A 20-yard-sized dumpster can carry up to 20 cubic yards of waste. In general, smaller dumpsters cost less money to rent. However, picking the right size for your project will help avoid any overweight or overfill fees.


As with other services, dumpster rental rates can be significantly cheaper or more expensive depending on the location. This is due to things like how close the rental company/landfill is to the job site. Additionally, it’s important to note that in areas with high demand, late fees for dumpster pickup may be more common.


Another cost to think about is the number of drop-offs and pick-ups. Each time we drop off or come to empty your dumpster counts as a rental, which has its own fee. If you require us to come more often than planned, an additional trip fee will be charged. In these cases, it might actually save you money in the long run to rent a larger dumpster that won’t need emptying as frequently.


The load weight limit is crucial when determining what size of dumpster you will need for your project because dumpster rental companies often charge extra for overweight dumpsters. Keep in mind that dry yard waste weighs less than wet yard waste, and construction materials are generally heavier than household items.

Rental Period

Most dumpster rental periods for residential projects last from 7 to 10 days, although this will obviously differ depending on the scope of your project. For example, a spring cleaning project may only take a few days while something like a major home remodel could easily last for an entire month or more.

Tips to Lower Dumpster Rental Costs

Measure large debris before choosing the dumpster size

Before you rent a dumpster for your large items, measure them first to ensure they will fit within the dumpster dimensions. If not, you’ll be charged an additional fee if your debris is over the fill line.

Dispose of Prohibited Materials Separately

Some types of waste are prohibited in dumpsters or the company will charge additional fees for disposing of it. Disposing of these materials yourself in the proper way can save you money. Commonly prohibited items:

  • Paint
  • Refrigerators
  • Hot water heaters
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous materials

Lock Your Dumpster

Going overweight or going over your rental’s volume limit can result in extra charges, so it’s crucial to keep out any unwanted debris. People who don’t know better may not realize that even a little bit of waste can add up quickly, and others might maliciously use your dumpster to avoid renting their own. Be sure to secure your dumpster; some rentals come with locks, but you can also ask if there’s another way to prevent others from using it.


If you’re looking to rent a dumpster in Lakeville, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind in order to get the best deal possible. redbox+ Dumpsters of Twin Cities South Metro is here to answer any questions you may have – just give us a call at 612-552-2740 today!

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