8 Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Burnsville Dumpster Rental

People all over Burnsville are feeling the urge to clear out their garages and homes now that winter is on its way. A dumpster rental from redbox+ of Twin Cities South Metro is the most effective method to remove large amounts of trash in Burnsville, but keep in mind that there are rules and regulations within the law when using one of these dumpster rentals.

Depending on your location and the garbage collection services, some products may not be able to go in dumpsters at all. Different areas usually have somewhat varying rules, so it’s critical to contact your Burnsville dumpster rental company to understand what items are prohibited in the area. A reputable dumpster rental business will help you locate alternative places for waste that cannot go in a roll-off dumpster or your home trash bins.

Check out this list of the top 8 prohibited items that individuals frequently throw in their garbage cans:

  1. Waste items that are considered flammable, toxic, hazardous, or corrosive are strictly forbidden from being placed in any type of waste container, whether it’s your home rubbish bin or a roll-off dumpster you rent.
  2. Tires, despite the fact that 250 million are manufactured every year, should not be dumped in landfills in the United States. They must be recycled using a specific tire recycling process to meet environmental criteria.
  3. Paints, lacquers, and even their canisters might include toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead. Although latex paint is sometimes an exemption to this rule, it must generally be mixed with cat litter for disposal in a garbage can. Stains, paints, and finishes from aerosol cans are also prohibited.
  4. Oil used in cars and factory equipment is typically regarded as hazardous and cannot be disposed of in trash cans or garbage bins. This also includes oil from small engines such as lawnmowers or chainsaws.
  5. Asbestos: Prior to the late 1970s, this material was used for ceilings, roofs, flooring insulation, fire resistance, and more in buildings. Studies have shown that asbestos is hazardous and can cause a variety of lung diseases. It is dangerous to handle and cannot be disposed of in dumpsters, so professional home contractors should be contacted to remove it from your property.
  6. Batteries: All types of batteries are prohibited, but car batteries are the most frequent fault. The chemicals and metals found in batteries can be quite harmful; especially car batteries that contain lead-acid.
  7. Petroleum and gasoline are very combustible and are not allowed in landfills or dumpsters. Unused fuels can be disposed of at a local hazardous waste facility.
  8. Appliances that use Freon: Most appliances can go in a rental dumpster, but refrigerators require the Freon removed by a professional. It’s better to donate them to a local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, where they’ll be recycled for low-income populations.

Following dumpster disposal regulations and guidelines not only protect garbage collectors and avoids complications, but also demonstrates environmental responsibility. Let’s work together to keep Burnsville clean and safe for everyone!

To learn more, contact redbox+ of Twin Cities South Metro in Burnsville at 612-552-2740.

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