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Our Sales Support

Ensuring Your Waste Management Franchise Succeeds

The sales or selling culture at redbox+ is unique and one that embraces building meaningful partnerships with our clients. At redbox+, we train our franchisees on the finer points of this “sales philosophy” and will provide ongoing coaching to help franchisees capture and keep new customers. The sales process is clearly documented yet provides franchisees the flexibility to develop a sales acumen that is consistent with his or her personality.

Introductory needs analysis

Identifying the specific needs of a client sets the stage for developing a sincere and meaningful partnership with prospective clients. The purpose of the introductory needs analysis is to gain a clear understanding of how redbox+ can productively meet the needs of prospective customers.


The redbox+ sales process is one that clearly articulates the benefits of our service. However, we take it two steps beyond by also promoting the features of our product offering, and most importantly the advantages a client gains by using our service/product. The benefit-feature-advantage sales approach “comes to life” with a well-organized and informative powerpoint presentation for use during initial sales calls; those that take place in an office setting.

“taking it to the streets”

Getting the truck and container in front of prospective customers is an extremely powerful sales tool. One of our most successful sales strategies is what we call our “redbox+ road show”. Our start-up franchisees have acquired many of their new clients just by visiting with project managers/foremen at the actual construction site. To help you identify the location of construction/remodeling sites in your market, redbox+ corporate can help you research monthly issuances of building permits. In addition, to keep the redbox+ brand in the forefront, an informational “sales spiff” specifically designed as a “leave-behind” will complement your site visits.

On-going sales coaching

Our goal is to help franchisees make the most of every sales opportunity. With a team of highly-skilled professionals at redbox+, you will find support to help prepare, consult, and guide you as you meet and educate potential clients on the redbox+ concept.

Ready to become a franchisee?

redbox+ offers prospective portable dumpster franchisees unrivaled sales support in addition to marketing, business, and operational support. We want you to to be successful, as your success means our success. That’s why we want to supply you with all the tools you need to provide exceptional customer service from start to finish. If you are ready to take the first step, fill out our franchise application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have some questions about our sales support? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (507) 436-4027.

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