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About Our Waste Management Franchise Opportunity

We Offer a Team with Over 60 Years Of Industry Experience

Founder Jeff Matejka came up with the idea for redbox+ after three decades of waste industry experience and a thorough understanding of construction sites. He noticed how the portable restrooms and waste containers were always a consistent part of every site, yet randomly placed throughout. He realized he could increase efficiency and convenience for construction workers while cutting costs for construction companies. He hand drew a sketch of his original redbox+ idea, and the rest is history.

After obtaining an exclusive U.S. patent for a roll-off dumpster and portable restroom combination product, redbox+ was born in 2006 when the patented product hit the market. The response was swift and positive, as we earned the “Innovation of the Year” award at the 2007 International Waste Expo.

The Beginning of Our Franchise Opportunity

Franchising of the redbox+ concept begin in 2014 and expanded in 2018 when Josh Skolnick (founder of Monster Tree, Inc. Franchise) bought a controlling interest and invested in growing the redbox+ franchise development opportunity. Together Jeff and Josh bring their expertise to the table to help others own, build and grow their own redbox+ business. Today, redbox+ has a national presence throughout North America. As people throughout countless construction industries—including roofers, remodelers, remediation firms, contractors, and siding specialists—began to recognize the benefits and cost-savings our products provide, we experienced quick growth.

We are proud to report that our franchise outlets experience an over 85% retention rate in repeat customers and are quickly expanding to become what may be one of the most successful roll-off box companies in the U.S. We offer our franchisees marketing and sales support to ensure each redbox+ does its best to succeed.

Our corporate ownership team has over 60 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, and the waste industry.

Become part of our waste management franchise and benefit from the six decades of industry knowledge. Contact us today at (507) 436-4027.

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