Sick of feeling like you’re in a sea of clutter? While it could be intimidating, the tranquility and solace that comes from having an orderly home are definitely worth it. If you need help starting to organize your home, here are our 6 top tips to help you start! Let’s transform your living space into a serene haven today!

1. Set a Day On Your Calendar

Start by blocking off a day on your calendar dedicated solely to cleaning and organizing. Make sure that everyone living in the space is informed about what you’re doing, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed–you don’t have to do it all alone! Inviting others to be a part of the de-cluttering process is not only beneficial for receiving support, but it also provides children with an opportunity to get rid of items that are no longer used. With some preparation and assistance from family members, you can eradicate your home’s clutter in no time!

2. Be Prepared

To make sure your ‘Declutter Day’ is productive, you must be well-prepared beforehand. Gather boxes for donating items to charity, containers to store and organize them better, as well as garbage bags for getting rid of unnecessary stuff – with these in place beforehand it will greatly assist you in having an efficient decluttering session!

If you’re able to plan a day of decluttering, consider getting a dumpster rental from redbox+ Dumpsters of West Phoenix. Investing in one of our residential dumpsters will urge you to discard any items that are no longer needed and free up much-needed space inside. With dumpsters as small as 20 cubic yards, you can find the perfect size for whatever project you have in mind! Achieving an effortless living environment has never been faster or more straightforward!

3. Maintain Focus

When it comes time to declutter, don’t get bogged down by the little items or let yourself be distracted by memory lane. Establish achievable goals and make a timeline for each area in your house. For example, if you have twelve hours to complete six rooms – designate two hours per space as your aim! Bear in mind that the ultimate goal is getting rid of things – not cleaning everything! You can do that later.

You also shouldn’t worry about decorations right now. Instead, gather all your accessories and trinkets into a designated space; you can take care of that later on when you have more time. By assigning tasks to certain times of the day, tidying up your home is much easier and faster. Focusing on one project per session will give you the feeling that it’s possible to accomplish anything!

4. Declutter Room by Room

For an easier experience decluttering your home, narrow down the focus to one room at a time. Begin with places that quickly become cluttered; for instance, clean up any shoes, bags, and coats in your entryway. Strategically organize them so there is no chance of disorder again! Once that’s taken care of move on to the kitchen or pantry as these areas tend to accumulate mess more than other parts of the house over time. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to restore peace and organization in no time! Dividing your mission into smaller, more achievable goals, not only will it make the process easier for you – but also allows room for a timeline. This plan of action is certain to lead you toward success!

5. Say Goodbye to Items That Day

To maximize the organization and efficiency in your home, you must be assertive enough to part with items that no longer add value to your life. As you analyze all possessions, ask yourself questions such as: Was this used recently? Is it of any use to me now or in the future? Do I have space for storage here? Can I find alternate solutions without keeping this item around? Once deciding on what to dispose of from the house, categorize them into two piles – one for donating and another for discarding.

Don’t let the pile of unwanted items in your home accumulate any further – start clearing them out now with a residential dumpster rental! It’s an easy and convenient solution that will help you quickly get rid of all those things without having to worry about where they go.

6. Make a Spot For Everything

Creating a neat, organized home starts with having an open slate. Start by removing all the items from one room at a time so you can recognize which are worth keeping and which should be discarded. Make sure to find specific places for each of your belongings in order to make optimal use of space! If nothing seems like it will fit properly within your current setup, then the best course of action is probably parting ways with those pieces altogether.

Should I Use a Dumpster for Decluttering?

When attempting to de-clutter your living space, it’s often best to invest in a dumpster rental. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of finding disposal sites, but also have an abundance of room for discarding your things easily. Furthermore, when a dumpster intended purely for removing clutter is placed on your property – motivation will be substantially higher as you strive toward completion to get it off! If you want to quickly revitalize your home and restore order, a dumpster rental is a perfect solution! Instead of trying to tackle the piles of rubbish littering your house over days or weeks, enlisting in a dumping rental provides an immediate method for reclaiming cleanliness. Get ready to experience amazing results at lightning speed with this choice!

redbox+ Dumpsters of West Phoenix

Do you have too much to dispose of and not enough time? Let redbox+ Dumpsters of West Phoenix do the heavy lifting! We’ll make it easier than ever before so that after a long day’s work, you won’t have to worry about disposing of all your excess belongings. Contact us today for a quote – we’re more than happy to help take away the burden from you!

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