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LinkedIn is big in construction

LinkedIn is big in construction

According to Construction Marketing Blog, more than 91 percent of the construction professionals they surveyed use LinkedIn, making it one of the most dynamic places available for people in this industry to connect to peers and potential clients. But how you present yourself there can make all the difference in the world for whether you stand out from the competition or sink into the crowd of people out there doing the same thing.

Mechanical contractors Shapiro & Duncan offer a step-by-step guide for contractors to creating a strong LinkedIn profile, and it starts, they say, with breaking down what you do into plain terms that even people who are not in the construction industry can understand. Jargon, acronyms and general statements that don’t offer any detail will do more to push people away from you than bring them in, so it’s best to write as if the audience is completely unfamiliar with construction terminology. Also, when you describe your role in the construction universe, be as specific as possible, the authors say, so that the reader understands what you would be doing for them if they hired you.

A good profile also tells the viewer what projects you are currently working on, the Shapiro & Duncan blog says. Doing so lends credibility, as it demonstrates that people are hiring you for projects. You can also describe some projects recently completed as long as they represent the type of work you are hoping to do in the future. If you are primarily a residential contractor but worked briefly on a commercial project, be aware that including the commercial project in your description may give people a different understanding of your specialization than you want them to have.

If you have video of any projects or of you at work with your team, include that in your LinkedIn profile as well. It adds depth to what people can learn about you and reaches those who prefer visual content to written material. Also, if your work has won awards of any kind, if you have volunteered on or donated to a charity project, or if you belong to any professional associations or civic groups, those things all belong in the story you tell others about who you are as a professional.

A good LinkedIn profile is one that is updated regularly, including posting status updates, industry news, helpful articles, photos of projects, networking events you attend, and so on. The point in doing so is that it keeps you relevant in the industry conversation and sets you apart as an active expert in your field. Also, consider writing an occasional blog and using the Pulse feature on LinkedIn. Whether you are sharing tips of the trade, relevant news from industry articles you’ve read, or product and service evaluations, a LinkedIn blog is one of the best ways to rise above the crowd.

But even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, polishing up and maintaining a LinkedIn profile as if it is a job interview rather than a static resume is a simple and surefire step towards bringing people knocking at your door.

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