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How to Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

How to Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

You see them everywhere: giant metal dumpsters of various colors and sizes parked in front of houses and construction sites all over town. They probably have different company names and phone numbers stenciled on them, and they vary from appearing shiny and new to looking like they’ve been dragged through heck and back. All these companies are not created equal, but unless you regularly rent roll off dumpsters for construction projects, you might not know how to separate the good ones from the not so good when you’re ready to rent one yourself.

It might seem like going with the cheapest price is a no-brainer when it comes to renting a dumpster. After all, it’s just a big, metal box to throw stuff in, right? Not really. Customer service, reliability, avoidance of hidden charges, and professionalism throughout the dumpster rental process are all worth the few dollars that one company may cost over another, says Hometown Dumpster Rental – a dumpster rental information site.

But the hiring process is best started by knowing exactly what company you’ll be working with. If you look online for a supplier, you’ll see that there are a lot of companies out there – but what you might not realize is that some are local operators and others are national firms that collect reservations and subcontract them out through their own network. When you book with one of those, you’re not really getting any say in who will ultimately be dropping off and picking up a dumpster, and that can be a problem.

Homeowners and construction managers agree that some of the biggest pains in the dumpster rental process are when the delivery person isn’t particularly careful about where they leave the box. Firms with low customer service scores might get rated that way because they don’t follow instructions for where the rental dumpster should be offloaded, creating workflow or logistical headaches for the renter. It might end up partly off of your property line, blocking an access point, for cars, or just too far from where it needs to be. If they are careless, they might gouge up asphalt with their unloading and loading or drive over plants in their maneuvering, leaving you with damaged property or costly repairs after the rental.

Another trouble spot with dumpster rentals is when companies deliver or pick up their dumpsters later than agreed, which can leave you behind on handling waste from a project or with a dumpster in front of the house much longer than you needed. For someone with a graduation party or open house coming up, it can be a stressor to be sure.

The condition a dumpster rental company leaves the property in is another huge factor that sets firms apart. It is very common for some companies to leave the area around the dumpster a mess when they haul it away. Other dumpster rental providers, like Redbox+, for example, make an effort to pick up any loose debris and even sweep up the area before leaving to make sure the property is completely made whole.

Along with judging a company based on reviews and the ease of communicating with them during the inquiry process, you should also investigate a company’s number of repeat customers when deciding which provider to go with. At Redbox+, there is a reason we have an 85% return customer rate, and we’re not aware of any other companies that can boast the same.

We are also priced competitively, but, as you can see from the many things you need to consider, that’s just one of the reasons why Redbox+ is growing in regions all around the country.

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