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Construction Workers Feeling Confident

Construction Workers Feeling Confident

An article published in Building Magazine says research conducted recently found that construction workers in the United Kingdom are among the most optimistic when asked about their job security, financial wellbeing and career prospects. The research, conducted through LinkedIn, says that even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they believe they are relatively well insulated against some of the worst economic effects the coronavirus is causing. On a scale that ranges from +100 to -100, construction professionals came in at 24, which, although not particularly high in and of itself, was the highest figure returned in the research.

In contrast, professionals in the travel and media industries had a -1 and -2 confidence rating respectively when asked the same questions.

But construction workers were far less buoyant when asked about the future for their employers. To that question, workers from construction firms – as well as every other industry surveyed – responded negatively. The unanimous belief is that their employers will be worse off by October rather than better.

Views become more optimistic in long-range scenarios, particularly for software and IT firms, though respondents were looking two years into the future in order to speculate a term that was sufficiently long-range.

The April poll surveyed more than 2,000 LinkedIn construction professionals in the United Kingdom. It is not clear whether a U.S. survey is being conducted for comparison.

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