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Contractors should use press releases for visibility

Contractors should use press releases for visibility

With no shortage of competition in the residential or commercial construction industries, contractors need to do more than put their name on a jobsite sign to increase visibility. There are a lot of strategies for getting noticed, from social media accounts to good old elbow-rubbing, but a press release about something interesting could be the most efficient method of all for getting a company some extra sets of eyes. The problem is that many firms don’t have a staff person with a public relations background, and for people not skilled in PR, the thought of drafting something and putting it on a website blog or sending it out to media is beyond intimidating.

The International Association of Professional Contractors knows this and has prepared an easy tutorial to guide even the least PR-savvy contractor through the process, which actually is not as cumbersome or difficult as people might believe. And the visibility they can provide should not be overlooked. Not only do they lend professional credibility when placed on a company blog, they also become findable by search engines that might offer the press release to someone who does a search on a related topic.

Reasons for a press release can be many, including:

  • Introducing new staff;
  • The formation of new partnerships with consulting experts or other industry-related personnel;
  • The formation of a new International Association of Professional Contractors chapter, with the sender of the press release as its head or spokesperson;
  • The contractor’s having earned new training accreditations and/or licenses;
  • Offering new types of services;
  • The business’ relocation;
  • The business’ expansion;
  • A change in the business’ name or contact information; and
  • The contractor joining industry-related associations, such as the International Association of Professional Contractors.

In its step-by-step guide, the Contractors Association details everything from how to format them to what sort of topics would not be appropriate for a press release. The guidelines in the article are easy enough for anyone to tackle and thorough enough to have even the least PR-savvy person writing them like a pro. “Press releases are a great way to announce news affecting your business and to lend legitimacy to its importance,” Construction Association says. “Used with discretion, they are a meaningful way to cultivate your connections with people and organizations that can help indirectly market your business and services.”

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