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App connecting contractors to labor

App connecting contractors to labor

The construction labor shortage has been the number one issue for the booming industry over the past decade, with no solution in sight. However, in Portland, Oregon that is not the case. ToolBelt has developed the contracting industry’s first digital labor solution, allowing contractors to connect to skilled labor instantly. In just 8 short months ToolBelt has been able to successfully harness 8% of the contracting market in the Portland metro area, allowing contractors to grow their business more efficiently.

ToolBelt was established by Josh Engelbrecht as a solution for the labor shortage in the construction industry. Having been in the contracting business throughout the Pacific Northwest, Engelbrecht knew first-hand that finding skilled labor when you need it is a huge challenge and the traditional methods, namely word-of-mouth, are just too slow. This problem can be felt by contractors of all sizes not just in the Northwest, but nation-wide.

Engelbrecht aligned with a veteran technology leader, Ross Barbieri. Having successfully created and sold several staffing-based platforms such as ShiftWise, Staffing Robot, and Hively, Barbieri lent his labor proficiencies to the construction world. Together the team created a first-of-its-kind app for the busy contractor in the field.

ToolBelt launched in late-August with a mobile app that connects contractors with skilled labor. ToolBelt’s pioneering technology was designed to be easier to use than a drill and is a vital part of its mass adoption. With the touch of a button, general contractors, builders, and contractors are able to quickly and easily find skilled labor and work.

In addition to creating a marketplace for over 1,700 local contractors with access to thousands of skilled tradespeople to find crews and work, ToolBelt has successfully facilitated hundreds of residential construction projects & positions throughout the region. Projects range from entire new-construction subdivisions, multi-family structures, to any size remodeling project. This success is due largely in part to strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Beacon Building Products and Sherwin-Williams.

Eliciting contractor and industry feedback the ToolBelt app has become a robust tool for residential contractors, large and small, to utilize daily to grow their business. The company was recently announced as a finalist for the Technology Association of Oregon’s 2020 Oregon Technology Awards. All regions across the country have reached out for ToolBelt’s technology. The company will announce expansion plans by end of Q3.

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