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Superpowers fuel a leap of faith from corporate HR to Redbox+ ownership

Superpowers fuel a leap of faith from corporate HR to Redbox+ ownership

When Kim Dorer’s employer downsized and swallowed her job as a human resources executive in the process, she found herself thinking deeply about whether getting another HR job was the right thing to do. It was her chance, she realized, to do anything, and being her own boss started to sound better and better as time ticked by. But as the girliest of girly-girls, Dorer shocked everyone who knew her when she selected owning a Redbox+ franchise as her dream job going forward.

She and her husband, who is self-employed as a real estate appraiser, settled on searching for a franchise, Dorer said, because she wanted the support of having a system already in place. As they scoured franchise opportunities, it was their own personal experience with construction projects that made Redbox+ jump off the page as something kind of brilliant.

Throughout a home building project, a renovation project, and a water-damage project, the pair had contractors who were using roll off dumpster rentals. But none of them had a porta-potty, and so throughout each project, the Dorer’s endured members of the construction crew using a bathroom in the house, muddy boots and all. “That’s why the idea clicked for me,” Dorer said, noting that with the patented rental dumpster and portable toilet combo, workers would never have to use the client’s bathroom again.

It turns out that having been a human resources professional for most of her career gave Dorer certain superpowers for organizing the many facets of running a business, and since launching in the summer of 2019, she’s enjoyed helping the business grow. Her mastery of organization plus her communication skills have created a lot of relationships during the past year operating a Redbox+ in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, she said, and that’s been important because the construction industry is very relationship-intensive.  “A lot of people look at sanitation and waste management as a commodity,” she said, “but we are looking at it as more of a partnership.” And having trusted partnerships during a construction project are essential, she added, because even if it’s just a roll off dumpster, if it’s not there, the work can’t go on.

Though she admits she was terrified in the beginning, this girly girl went out of her way to find construction types to talk to about the industry so she was ready to take it on, and she flung the doors open with determination, courage, and an inspirational quote going through her head, she said: “My favorite quote ever is from the legendary John Wayne, ‘Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.’ I say giddy-up!”

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