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Portable Toilet Rental Makes Dollars and Sense

Portable Toilet Rental Makes Dollars and Sense

It’s a fact: Construction crew members need to use a bathroom during their workday, but plenty of employers let workers hoof it down to the local convenience store rather than providing a portable toilet on the job site. After all, it’s cheaper than renting a toilet, and running down the block just takes a few minutes of the worker’s time, right?

Not so fast. The time it takes for that little trek down the street adds up in a way that you might not expect and the reality is that the amount productivity lost can quickly surpass the cost of putting a porta potty rental on the job site.portable toilet rentals are a better solution than public restrooms for construction workers

Consider this: That convenience store is probably a two- or three-minute drive each way, and once your worker gets there, maybe there is a line for the restroom, or maybe the worker cruises the snack aisle or orders some food to go as long as he’s there, or maybe he runs into someone he knows and chats for a minute… If you started a stopwatch each time someone left the site, you’d be lucky if all you lost was 10 minutes per restroom trip.

But even that 10 minutes amounts to serious money when you really look at it. The Portable Sanitation Association International did a study that uncovers some pretty staggering losses that occur when each member of a crew takes just one 10-minute bathroom trip a day. If you had a crew of five people working at the rock-bottom rate of $7 per hour, your lost time would amount to $1,487 worth of work over the course of a year. For a crew making $10 per hour, those bathroom breaks would amount to $2,125 in lost productivity. And if you were paying $15 an hour, you’d be paying almost $3,200 annually for your team to run to the convenience store down the street.

redbox+ provides portable toilet rentals attached to its roll off dumpster rentalsPortable toilet rental doesn’t sound quite as expensive anymore, does it? And they are easy to come by too, especially when you use the toilet-dumpster combo unit available from Redbox+. But productivity isn’t the only reason you should provide a porta potty on the job site. For starters, having one is an OSHA standard and it lets the job site owner know you’re a professional crew that isn’t going to be tempted to create a makeshift bathroom behind the garage. But more than that, it shows your crew that you care about their needs, and in an age when finding and keeping construction workers has never been harder, that’s a message that just might keep you a step ahead of the next contractor as well as out of the bathroom line at the convenience store.

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