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June 2019 Worker Focused

June 2019 Worker Focused

In a recent article related to the roofing industry one of the major concerns listed as impacting roofing contractors was finding qualified workers.  In fact, 88% of Commercial roofing contractors and 85% of Residential roofing contractors indicated this concern.  No doubt, many industries are starved for workers and attracting and retainer them can be a challenge as well.

The article went on to say that roughly 75% of the contractors rely on current employees to recruit, introduce or invite their friends or family to come and work with them.  That made us think, one more reason to see a redbox+ at the job site.

Maybe that little extra site service can help keep your team longer, or better yet, keep them happier.  If they don’t have to run around to find a bathroom, if they can get more work done, and if they can know everything has its place it may be one more reason they stay with the company.

At redbox+ we like to believe a little extra goes a long way on the job site.  Even something as simple as portable toilets can be beneficial.  Learn more about how a redbox+ can also help save your business money and drive efficiency.  Contact your locally owned redbox+ provider today to learn more.


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