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Investment Requirements for Our Dumpster Franchise

Initial Costs of Our Quickly-Expanding Franchise Opportunity

If you’re interested in becoming a waste management franchise owner, one of the first things you are probably thinking about is the investment. Opening a business is a big decision that requires a lot of consideration. We understand and strive to give you all the information you need.

Redbox+ is a competitive, flexible business with a low employee count and an exclusive opportunity in the market. We are part of a $63 billion industry and offer a one-of-a-kind U.S. patented product that is only available through us. Our initial investment ranges from $516,591 - $623,440.

You can also contact us for more information or head to our FAQ section.

Check out the chart below to learn more about the breakdown of our initial costs.

Investment Information Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $59,500 $59,500
Equipment $394,523 $447,722
Transportation $8,000 $30,000
Container Assembly / Set-Up Fee $3,600 $3,600
Proprietary GPS Tracking System and Point of Sale / CRM Software Package $1,209 $1,209
Technology Fee $1,500 $1,500
Computer, Software and Point of Sale System $3,000 $5,000
Rent and Utility Deposits $0 $5,000
Insurance Deposits and Premiums $10,200 $17,850
Pre-Opening Travel Expense $1,000 $3,000
Redbox+ Quick Start Marketing Program $5,809 $5,809
Professional Fees $2,250 $5,750
Business Permits and Licenses $250 $1,000
Office and Small Equipment $750 $1,500
Additional Funds - 3 Months $25,000 $35,000
Total Investment $516,591 $623,440

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