Budget Dumpster vs. redbox+ Dumpsters: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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Looking to rent a dumpster for your next project? Learn how redbox+ Dumpsters compares to Budget Dumpster rentals so that you can determine the best choice for you. Then, we’ll look at what dumpster size you’ll need and how much those cost on average.

Side-by-Side Comparison of redbox+ Dumpsters and Budget Dumpster

redbox+ Dumpsters and Budget Dumpsters are national brands supplying roll-off dumpster rentals. Here’s a look at how they compare.



Sizes Offered

redbox+ Dumpsters

10- to 40-yard bins, with multiple options for most sizes

Budget Dumpster

10- to 40-yard bins

Rental Period Varied, flexible Typically 5 to 10 days
Pricing Usually $300 to $800 Flat rate pricing that’s quoted
Delivery & Pickup Same day or next day delivery and pickup 1-3 business day delivery and a scheduled pickup that’s not necessarily the same day. Require 60 feet of space in a straight line for delivery.
Additional Services Portable toilet attached to Elite dumpsters. None

The Biggest Differences Between redbox+ Dumpsters and Budget Dumpster

One Call, Two Services – The biggest differentiator for redbox+ Dumpsters is the Elite dumpster, which offers a unique two-in-one solution for contractors. The Elite is a roll-off dumpster with an attached portable toilet. Having both of these combined into one unit increases jobsite convenience. If the toilet needs to be serviced while it’s on-site, it only takes one call to your redbox+ Dumpsters service provider, and they’ll send someone out to empty and clean the portable toilet for you. Our trucks are outfitted with a vacuum tank and pump, so your dumpster never has to leave the site, we’ll service the portable toilet, and be on our way.

The same goes for filling up your dumpster before completing the project. Even with our Standard dumpster rentals, if the dumpster needs to be emptied before your project is completed,  you can call your redbox+ Dumpsters team and have them pick-up, dump, and return the bin within one day. 

Budget Dumpster rentals don’t offer any additional services. They also don’t advertise coming and emptying your dumpster mid-project. I

Business Structure & Location – Budget Dumpster is a brokerage firm based out of Northeast Ohio. Unlike redbox+ Dumpsters, they don’t actually own any dumpsters; they contract out the rentals in cities across the country. Whereas when you rent from a redbox+ Dumpsters location, you’re supporting your own local economy and small businesses because each location is locally owned and operated. When you call, you’ll likely talk with the owner. 

Reliable Delivery & Pickup – At redbox+ Dumpsters, you schedule your dumpster delivery, and we proactively communicate with you about estimated delivery times on the day your dumpster is supposed to arrive. Budget Dumpster doesn’t offer that; you’ll often receive a 1-3 day drop-off period, making it more difficult to plan out and start your project. In addition, Budget Dumpster requires 60 feet of space in a straight line for delivery.  So, for those looking to place a dumpster in their driveway, but live on a narrow street, Budget Dumpster rentals are not always a plausible option.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

Roll-off dumpsters are labeled by the approximate number of cubic yards of waste and debris they can hold. Typical sizes are 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard dumpsters. While the cubic yardage is technically the maximum capacity of the bin, there are also weight limits to consider. So, depending on the material(s) you’re discarding, you may not be able to fill the bin all the way before you hit your weight limit.

Which dumpster size is best for what project:

  • 10-yard: This size can hold around the same amount as three pickup truck loads of waste. The average weight limit is one to three tons. People use this size for small renovation projects or a room cleanout.

  • 15-yard: This dumpster can hold about four pickup truck loads of debris. It’s average weight limit is three tons. It’s great for projects such as garage or basement cleanouts, small home renovation projects such as replacing cabinets, countertops or flooring, or roofing projects.
  • 20-yard: This size can hold up to about six pickup trucks loaded with debris. The dumpster’s average weight limit is two to four tons. People performing projects involving roofing, minor construction, landscaping, or removing flooring often use this size. It’s the most commonly rented size.

  • 30-yard: This size is equivalent to about nine truckloads of waste. It can hold, on average, three to five tons of debris. It’s great for complete house cleanouts, major remodeling projects, and large landscaping renovations.

  • 40-yard: This dumpster size equals about 12 truckloads of debris. These dumpsters can hold between four to six tons of waste on average. Contractors rent these dumpsters for extensive projects like large house cleanouts, huge remodeling projects, and large roofing jobs.

To help figure out how big of a dumpster you might need, redbox+ Dumpsters created a debris weight calculator. For example, if you’re trashing the carpet in your house to install new flooring, you could rent a dumpster to discard the carpet. Say it’s 1,200 square feet of carpeting, and the weight is just about 1 ton. Once you get an estimate from the weight calculator, you’ll want to talk to your local redbox+ Dumpsters experts to help determine the right dumpster size for your project.

Average Cost of Dumpsters

Angi finds the average price of a dumpster rental for one week is $380, with the normal prices ranging from about $293 to $479 per week. A number of factors affect what a dumpster costs to rent, and there can be other fees on top of the dumpster rental rate. Most companies provide individualized quotes for dumpster rentals. Common factors that affect the price include location, dumpster size, debris type, debris weight, and rental period. 

Some companies give your quote at a flat rate, while others do variable pricing. The flat rate will typically include your pickup, drop-off, rental, dump charge, and extra fees, all bundled into one price. In addition, they’ll set the weight and debris type limitations from the beginning. While other companies itemize all those charges separately and make them variable costs. So, you could end up paying more than your initially quoted price.

Other Factors to Consider When Renting Dumpsters

No matter who you decide to rent a dumpster from, there are always a few other considerations to keep in mind. First, think about where the dumpster will be placed on or near your property. Is it on a public street or sidewalk? Do you need a permit from the city or your local homeowners’ association? If your home is in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association, be sure to check with the association about acceptable locations. The local dumpster rental provider should have an idea of whether you need a permit, but if not, just call your local public works department. 

Another major consideration is what kind of waste and debris you’ll be discarding. Before throwing out items, understand what you can and cannot throw away in the dumpster. Taking the time to review an “acceptable items” list before you begin will save you in the long run. Most dumpster rental companies don’t allow hazardous materials such as tires, paint, motor oils, asbestos, batteries, and fuels. The list of permitted waste can vary by location and company, so check when scheduling your rental.

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